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March 2015 Current Affairs Banking

1) Which country’s government has proposed a prisoner swap with Indonesia in a last ditch effort to save the lives of two drug traffickers of its country, who are expected to face a firing squad within days?
Ans:-  Australia
2) Which country’s Professor was in news as on 9 March 2015 as she rejected an Indian student’s internship request citing rape problem in India?
Ans:- Germany
3) Which country has imposed sanctions on another group of individuals and entities in Ukraine and Russia accused of undermining Ukraine’s sovereignty and misappropriating Ukrainian state assets?
Ans:-  United States of America
4) The North-South Rail link in Srilanka connects which two locations in the island nation?
Ans:- Talaimannar to Madhu Road
5) Which country’s government has announced plans to build a new capital to the east of the present one?
Ans:- Egypt
1) With which country has India collaborated to study the global Climate Change?
Ans:- Norway
2) Name the warship that has been exported by India to Mauritius and commissioned on 12 March 2015?
Ans:- Barracuda
3) With which country has India inked five Memoranda of Understanding to give new impetus to bilateral co-operation on 11 March 2015?
Ans:- Mauritius
4) India and which country recently completed its first ever Friendship Motor Rally successfully at India gate?
Ans:- Nepal
5) With which country, Textiles Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by India on 17 March 2015?
Ans:- Kyrgyzstan
1) Which organisation has launched “National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme” (NERPAP) throughout the country from 3rd Mar’15 with the prime objective of bringing a totally error free and authenticated electoral roll?
Ans:-  Election Commission of India
2) National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) on 1 March 2015 celebrated its ___th foundation day?
Ans:- 25th
3) How many Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) accounts does the NPCI aim to link to the corresponding Aadhar Numbers by June 2015?
Ans:- 17 crore
4) Name the scheme that has been launched by the government for redressal of grievances of consumers relating to pricing and availability of medicines?
Ans:- PRASAD and Swadesh Darshan
5) The Supreme Court of India (SC) on 17 March 2015 cancelled the Union Government’s decision to include which category/community in the Central Other Backward Classes (OBC) list?
Ans:- Jaat
1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5 March 2015 inaugurated two units each of 600 MW of Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant in which state?
Ans:- Madhya Pradesh
2) Which state government is contemplating on framing a law under which registration of pregnancy would be made compulsory within first three months of pregnancy? Ans:- Haryana
3) Which State’s Archives body is publishing three volumes of rare documents on Shaheed Bhagat Singh?
Ans:- Bihar
4) Government of India has recently decided to establish a National Marine Police Training Institute in which state?
Ans:- Gujarat
5) In which state First Kisan Call Centre (KCC) of North-East was opened on 9 March 2015?
Ans:- Tripura
1) The International Conference on Global Environment Issues was held from March 14 -15 March 2015 in —-?
Ans:-  New Delhi
1) Hifikepunye Pohamba has recently won the world’s most valuable individual award, the Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership. Hifikepunye Pohamba is the President of which African country?
Ans:- Namibia
2) Which University recently honored Ratan Tata with Doctorate of Automotive Engineering?
Ans:-  Clemson University
3) Name the former union minister who has been awarded with the prestigious Saraswati Samman 2014 for his Kannada poem Ramayana Mahanveshanam?
Ans:- M.Veerapa Moily
4) Who has won KwazuluNatal 2015 National Teachers Award in South Africa?
Ans:- Ganasen Reddy
5) Name the Indian researcher has been named as New South Wales (NSW) “Woman of the year 2015″ award recently?
Ans:- Minoti Apate
1) Who is the batsman who has scored the fastest 150 runs in ODI’s?
Ans:- AB de Villiers
2) Mahendra Singh Dhoni on 10 March 2015 registered most wins by an Indian captain in the history of the cricket World Cup. He surpassed whose record?
Ans:- Sourav Ganguly
3) Which football club recently won League Cup?
Ans:- Chelsea
4) New Zealand cricketer Martin Crowe was recently inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame as the ___th member?
Ans:- 79
5) Which New Zealand bowler joined cricket’s exclusive 300 ODI wickets club by claiming his 300th victim on 8 March 2015?
Ans:- Daniel Vettori
1) As per the latest Forbes ranking of the richest people in the world, who is the richest person in India?
Ans:- Dilip Sanghvi
2) Which bank became the first major bank to announce rate cut after RBI’s second Repo rate cut of the year was announced on March 2015?
Ans:- State Bank of Travancore (SBT)
3) Which Indian mobile company has recently entered into a partnership with China Mobile, for jointly sourcing devices and equipment as well as developing 4G technology and standards?
Ans:- Airtel
4) Upto what limit Reserve Bank of India eased the norms for home loans by allowing banks to include stamp duty and registration charges to the cost of a unit?
Ans:- 10 Lakh
5) Which is India’s largest company with Rs 3.68 lakh cr worth assets as per data compiled by the Corporate Affairs Ministry, which was released recently?
Ans:- Reliance Industries Ltd
1) Name the aircraft that becomes the first to fly day and night without a drop of fuel, propelled solely by the sun’s energy?
Ans:-  Solar Impulse-2
2) Rotavirus vaccine “Rotavac” will be used for prevention of which disease?
Ans:-  Diarrhea
3) Indian Naval Ship (INS) Alleppey, which was decommissioned from the Indian Navy on 13 March 2015, was which category of naval vessel?
Ans:- Minesweeper
4) Name the surface to surface missile successfully tested by Pakistan during March 2015?
Ans:- Shaheen-III
5) Burraq and Barq are an all weather armed drone and a laser guided missile respectively. These were recently test fired by which country?
Ans:- Pakistan
1) Who was appointed as the new Chairman of the National Book Trust (NBT) on 2 March 2015?
Ans:- Baldev Sharma
1) Which noted scientist resigned as the Chairman of Board of Governors of IIT Bombay recently as reported on 18 March 2015?
Ans:-  Anil Kakodkar
1) Name the person known as Noted Gandhian and son of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal secretary who passed away on 15 March 2015?
Ans:- Narayan Desai
1) In which region of Sri Lanka, PM Narendra Modi handed over 27,000 new homes on 14 March 2015 to Tamils who became homeless during the civil war?
Ans:- Jaffna
1) Which Indian IT company was recently named as the top employer in Europe for the third consecutive year by a top employers certification agency?
Ans:- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
1) As per the Mercer’s Quality of Living Report 2015, which city has the world’s best quality of living?
Ans:- Vienna
1) What is the full form of ‘ BCCI ‘?
Ans:- Board of Control for Cricket in India
1) “The Modi Effect : Inside Narendra Modi’s Campaign to Transform India” was authored by ——-?
Ans:- Lance Price
1) Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as announced on 25 March 2015?
Ans:- K M Mani
1) When is World Water Day?
Ans:- March 22

5 Banking and SSC : March 2015 Current Affairs Banking INTERNATIONAL 1) Which country’s government has proposed a prisoner swap with Indonesia in a last ditch effort to save the lives of two ...

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