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Important Computers Questions for IBPS

Banking Awareness IBPS MAINS
Team Crack it brings a set of important questions for Computer knowledge. Questions related to Computers is not only important for IBPS exams but are generally asked in other Competitive Exams too. Hope you find them useful. Crack it. :)

1] ____________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

(a)The operating system
(b) The motherboard
(c) The platform
(d) Application software
Answer: The operating system

2] The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the:
(A) Digital divides
(b)Internet divides.
(c) Web divide.
(D) Cyber way divides.
Answer: digital divide.

3] Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a:
(a) Mainfram
(b) Supercomputer
(c) Network
(d) Client
Answer: network

4] A ____________ is approximately one billion bytes.
(a) Bit
(b) Kilobyte
(c) Gigabyte
(d) Megabyte
Answer: gigabyte

5] Computers use the ____________ language to process data.
(A) Relational
(b) Megabyte
(C) binary
(d) Processing
Answer: binary

6] Who is known as Father of Computers?
(a) Charles Babbage
(b) Bill Gates
(c) Steve Jobs
(d) Alan Turing
Answer: Charles Babbage

7] ____________ is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful way.
(a)A process
(b) Information
(c) Software
(d) Storage
Answer: Information

8] All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:
(a) Viruses
(b) Identity theft
(c) Hackers
(d) Spam
Answer: Spam

9] Which of the following is an input device?
(b) Keyboard
(c) Scanner
(d) All the above
Answer: All the above

10] The set of instructions that tells the computer what to do is
(a) Softcopy
(b) Software
(c) Hardware
(d) Hardcopy
Answer: Software

11] Which of the following stores more data?
(b) CD ROM
(c) Floppy Disk
(d) CD RW
Answer: DVD

12] ______is the heart of the computer and this is where all the computing is done.
(b) Monitor
(c) Central Processing Unit
(d) Printer
Answer: Central Processing Unit

13] One byte is equivalent to
(A) 8 bit
(b) 16 bit
(c) 32 bit
(D) 64 bit
Answer: 8 bit

14] Personal computers can be connected together to form a
(a) Server
(b) Network
(c) Supercomputer
(d) Enterprise
Answer: network

15] Choose the smallest memory size
(a) Kilobyte
(b) Megabyte
(c) Gigabyte
(d) Terabyte
Answer: kilobyte

16] The operating system is the most common type of ____________ software.
(A) System
(b) Communication
(c) Application
(d) Word-processing
Answer: system

17] The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement specialty called: (a) simulation           (b) animation           (c) robotics   (d) computer forensics.
Answer: computer forensics.

18] The base of the hexadecimal number system is
(a) 2
(b) 8
(c) 10
(d) 16
Answer: 16

19] Computer software includes
(a)Packaged programs
(b) Application programs
(c) Operating system programs
(d) All of these
Answer: All of these

20] The Operating System manages
(a) Processes
(b) Memory
(c) Disks and I/O devices
(d) All of the above
Answer: All of the above

21] Allocation of resources in a time dependent manner to several program simultaneously called
(a) Multi user
(b) multi-tasking
(c) Time sharing
(d) None of these.
Answer: time sharing

22] Multiprocessing supports more than one_____ at the same time
(a) User
(b) Process
(c) Hardware
(d) None of these.
Answer: Process

23] Which of the following are true about firewalls?
(a)Follows a set of rules
(b) Can be either a hardware or software device
(c) Filters network traffic
(d) All the above
Answer: All the above

24]1024 bytes equal:
(a) 1 KB
(b) 1 MB
(c) 1 GB
(d) 1 TB
Answer: 1 KB

25] What is e-commerce?
(a)Buying and selling computer products
(b) Buying and selling products and services not found in stores
(c) Buying and selling international goods
(d) Buying and selling products and services over the Internet
Answer: Buying and selling products and services over the Internet

26] The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called
(b) Forwarding
(c) FTP
(d) Downloading
Answer: Downloading

27] A person who uses his expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally or to cause damage is a
(a) Programmer
(b) Analyst
(c) Spammer
(d) Hacker
Answer: Hacker

28] What is the commonly used unit for measuring the sped of data transmission?
(a)Mega Hertz
(b) Characters per second
(c) Nano seconds
(d) Bits per second
Answer: Bits per second

29’Blue tooth’ technology allows
(a)Satellite communication
(b) Wireless communication between equipment’s
(c) Signal transmission on mobile phones only
(d) Landline phone to mobile phone communication
Answer: Wireless communication between equipment’s

30] All of the following statements concerning windows are true ACCEPT:
(a) Windows are an example of a command-driven environment.
(b) Windows can be resized and repositioned on the desktop.
(c) More than one window can be open at a time.
(d) Toolbars and scrollbars are features of windows.
Answer: windows are an example of a command-driven environment.

31] Verification of a login name and password is known as:
(a) Configuration
(b) Accessibility
(c) Authentication
(d) Logging in
Answer: authentication

32] ____________ is the ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time.
(b) Multiuser
(c) Multitasking
(d) Simulcasting
Answer: Multitasking

33] The operating system does all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Provide a way for the user to interact with the computer.
(b) Manage the central processing unit (CPU).
(c) Manage memory and storage.
(d) Enable users to perform a specific task such as document editing.
Answer: enable users to perform a specific task such as document editing.

34] The term ‘Pentium’ is related to
(a) DVD
(b) Hard Disk
(c) Mouse
(d) Microprocessor
Answer: Microprocessor

35] Which of the following is a valid IP address?
(c) 192.168.900.1
(d) 192.900.168.1
Answer: 192.168.900.1

36]‘LAN’ means
(a) Least Area Network
(b) Large Area Network
(c) Local Area Network
(d) Light Area Network
Answer: Local Area Network

37] Java is a
(A) Operating System
(b) Compiler
(c) Input Device
(d) Programming Language
Answer: Programming Language

38] What is the shortcut key of printing a document for computer having windows?
(a)Shift + P
(b) Alt + P
(c) Ctrl + P
(d) Ctrl + Shift + P
Answer: Ctrl + P

39] Which of the following is a correct format of Email address?
(c) Saleswebsite.info
(d) Sales.website.info
Answer: sales@website.info

40] A Web site’s main page is called
(a)Browser Page
(b) Search Page
(c) Home Page
(d) Bookmark
Answer: Home Page

5 Banking and SSC : Important Computers Questions for IBPS Team Crack it brings a set of important questions for Computer knowledge. Questions related to Computers is not only important for IB...

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