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How Hindi Medium Students Can Score Good Marks In English Section of IBPS PO Exam

English Language, nowadays, is considered as an important part of almost every competitive examination, be it banking or an SSC Examination. Also, we are all cognizant of the fact that most of the Hindi Medium students have jitters when they are going to appear in a competitive examination in which English plays a significant role in the overall evaluation process. This is one of the major factors why most of the non-English medium students prefer to go for RRB (Regional Rural Bank) Exams that have not yet mandated the English Language test for the selection process. But then, you cannot ignore the fact that so many Non-English Medium candidates manage to ace the English language section of IBPS as well as other banking exams with ease. Now you all must be wondering what's the key to it, isn't it? Stick around, we will be discussing the tips and tricks for the same as we proceed further.

Students, if you look on the bright side, don't you think English is the only section that can help you bag the maximum marks in minimum time? It takes just a few seconds to look at a question and decide if it could be attempted or not, unlike Reasoning or Quantitative Aptitude sections where one has to solve the entire question and settle if it has to be attempted or skipped. So, isn't it a good idea to work on this section a bit and score fairly well in this year's IBPS PO Examination? Every cloud has a silver lining. After all, it's a language that can be learned with practice with a mix of travail and dedication.
So students, let's get straight to the point that is, how Hindi Medium or Non-English Medium students can score good marks in English Language Section of IBPS PO 2018 Exam? As you still have enormous time to prepare for this examination that is to be conducted in October, you can prefer to go for a step-by-step preparation strategy that will definitely bear fruit in the end.

1. Pick up a list of the basic grammar rules and practice with as many exercises as you can to have the concepts all grasped. Read newspapers, magazines, or novels and try working on those rules by picking up sentences from them.

2. Watch English movies with subtitles or Hindi movies with English subtitles and jot down every sentence or word you think will help you out improving your grip over the English language.

3. Mere marking words from novels or newspapers won't do, try framing at least 4-5 sentences based on them on your own. This way, you will be able to memorize them for a longer period of time. Note that this activity should be carried out on a regular or say daily basis, not doing so wouldn't help.

4. Try writing at least 200 words on alternate days on anything you like. That not only helps you improve your writing skills for descriptive paper but also helps you discover new words or phrases you google search to express your feelings with.

5. When you read, try reading aloud as it helps you make the correct pronunciation of words and hence lessens the chances of you making spelling mistakes in descriptive writing test, choosing wrong options in the spelling-related objective type questions. It also helps you speak confidently in front of interviewers during your personal interview round.

6. Also, the activity of reading newspapers and marking difficult words is to be done on a regular basis. Irregularity in the learning process will only make you lose the track in the middle of your journey to improving your command on the English language.

7. The best newspapers that we would like to suggest to you are Hindu, The Economic Times and Business Standard.

8. When you are reading an article in a newspaper or a paragraph from a novel, try to figure out how questions can be framed on the basis of the same. Try making your own questions based on RC, Cloze test, Para Jumbles, etc. and while solving them all, try finding out the logic behind the correct answer.

9. Do not fear grammar as only 5-10 questions asked in prelims exams are based on grammar and in mains examination, the number ranges from 10-15. While attempting the paper, attempt the maximum number of questions from the parts that involve reading.

10. The questions that can be easily attempted even if you are weak at grammar, you can choose to attempt the questions that are from Reading Comprehension, Close test, Vocab and idiom/ phrases based fillers and errors, connectors, Para Jumbles, and Inference.

5 Banking and SSC : How Hindi Medium Students Can Score Good Marks In English Section of IBPS PO Exam English Language, nowadays, is considered as an important part of almost every competitive examination, be it banking or an SSC Examination...

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