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English Language Quiz for IBPS Clerk Prelims - 2018

Directions (1-5): Rearrange the following four sentences (A), (B), (C) and (D) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.

(A) a fork to pierce the yolk
(B) I like eggs. I usually have
(C) when it’s being cooked.
(D) them double fried and use
(a) ABCD
(b) BDAC
(c) BDCA
(d) ABDC
(e) CDBA

(A) contagious and communicability
(B) swine flu is highly
(C) onset of symptoms.
(D) begins from day one of
(a) ABDC
(b) BACD
(c) BADC
(d) ABCD
(e) CDBA

(A) a lioness was found dead in Gujarat’s Gir
(B) to 30, officials said.
(C) forest on Thursday, taking
(D) the death toll of big cats since September
(a) ABDC
(b) ACBD
(c) BDCA
(d) ACDB
(e) BACD

(A) the organic food movement
(B) past several years.
(C) in India over the
(D) has been gathering momentum
(a) ACBD
(b) BDAC
(c) CDAB
(d) CABD
(e) ADCB

(A) a list that includes IBM CEO Ginni Rometty
(B) among America’s top 50 female technology moguls,
(C) four Indian-origin women have been named by Forbes
(D) and Netflix executive Anne Aaron.
(a) CBAD
(b) CBDA
(c) ABDC
(d) CADB
(e) ADBC

Direction (6-10): In each of the following questions four words are given in BOLD. Which of these words must be interchanged, as suggested in the options following each question to make the sentence grammatically correct and contextually meaningful. If the sentence is correct as it is, then mark option (e) as your answer.

Q6. John Lee, the territory’s security (1) for secretary (2), announced (3) that the Hong Kong National Party would be prohibited (4) from operation from Monday.
(a) 2-3
(b) 1-4
(c) 1-2
(d) 3-4
(e) No Change Required

Q7. Delhi has the lower (1) fuel rates among all metros and most (2) State capitals because of cheapest (3) taxes.  Mumbai has the highest (4) sales tax or VAT.
(a) 2-3
(b) 1-3
(c) 1-4
(e) No Change Required

Q8. Despite a promise of autonomy, activists complain (1) that the mainland's influence (2) increasing (3) its democratic elections is over (4).
(a) 2-3
(b) 1-2
(c) 2-4
(d) 3-4
(e) No Change Required

Q9. After three days of a shipping (1) search and rescue effort, Commander Abhilash Tomy of (2) the Indian Navy was rescued by (3) a French global (4) vessel on Monday morning.
(a) 1-4
(b) 2-4
(d)  2-3
(e) No Change Required

Q10. The arrest (1) was made on (2) a team led by Superintendent of Police (City) Vinay Singh and Mr. Rai, by (3) the direction (4) of Senior Superintendent of Police Shalabh Mathur.
(a) 1-2
(b) 2-3
(c) 1-4
(d) 3-4
(e) No Change Required

Directions (11-15): In each of the questions given below a pharse/idiom is given in BOLD and five options are given below it. You have to choose the option which best describes the meaning of the phrase/idiom.

Q11. Barking up the wrong tree
(a) To realize one’s mistake
(b) To attempt or pursue a futile course of action
(c) To make a wrong decision
(d) To scold the wrong person
(e) None of the Above

Q12.  To have sticky fingers
(a) To have faith in oneself
(b) To do something not worth to be done
(c) To remain silent
(d) To have a tendency to steal
(e) None of the Above

Q13. Cut somebody some slack
(a) Not to be so critical
(b) Not to be so rude
(c) Not to be so happy
(d) Not to be so boring
(e) Not to be so lenient

Q14.  Best thing since sliced bread
(a) A good thing to eat after a long time
(b) A happy news after a long time
(c) A good invention or innovation
(d) A good alternative
(e) None of the Above

Q15. Once in a blue moon
(a) An event that happens infrequently
(b) A beautiful full moon night
(c) An event occurring frequently
(d) To be a famous person
(e) None of the Above



5 Banking and SSC : English Language Quiz for IBPS Clerk Prelims - 2018 Directions (1-5): Rearrange the following four sentences (A), (B), (C) and (D) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and th...

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