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English Language Quiz for IBPS PO Prelims Exam: 2018

Directions (1-15):In each of the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentences, there are five options and the blanks are to be filled with the pair of words given below to make the sentences correct. Fill up the sentences with the correct word.

Q1. Beleaguered Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull _________ the names of lawmakers in the conservative Liberal Party who ________ him to go before he would allow them to choose a new prime minister at a meeting at Parliament House on Friday.
 asked; wants
 demanded; wanted
 called; suggest
 announced; rebuked
 waived; condemned

Q2. Buried alive in a landslip for nearly eight days, a calf was ________ rescued in Kalur Devasturu near Madikeri on Thursday in an ________ that took two and a half hours.
 miraculously; exercise
 meticulously; work out
 ruthlessly; challenge
 inadvertently; action
 badly; scenario

Q3. Shankar Badiger had been ________ with high-grade Pontine Glioma, and was undergoing treatment at Gleneagles Global Hospitals. However, the cancer was ________ and he was declared brain dead on August 19.
 spotted; becalmed
 in long; conciliatory
 suffered; pinching
 found; argumentative
 diagnosed; aggressive

Q4. Briefly, knowing ourselves is our _______ to recognise false, untested assumptions about ourselves and seeking _______ from those who can help.
 caliber; concluded
 ability; clarification
 capability; affection
 endeavor; hate
 effort; scornful

Q5. At a time when the decision to shut government-run schools for want of students has drawn _______ , a film on a State-run school in a border district will be hitting 100 screens on Friday. ___________, the title of the film is one of the longest ever for any Kannada film.
 spurn; Spontaneously
 fern; Accidentally
 back; Unfortunately
 sack; Similarly
 flak; Incidentally

Q6. An Olympic berth at stake, nothing less than a gold medal would _________ the top-ranked Indian men’s hockey team, which _______ its Asian Games campaign against minnows Indonesia, in Jakarta on Monday.
 create; started
 satisfy; begins
 form; allows
 face; made
 fight; initiated

Q7. _________ between home and her dance school, Sujatha also squeezed in time to visit India and ________ with dancers here. One such project that was born during one of these collaborations is Jala – The dance of water.
 Struggling; corroborate
 Running; conform
 Juggling; collaborate
 Busy; confirm
 Travelling; coordinate

Q8. On Thursday, the domestic currency had lost 30 paise to end at 70.11 against the greenback due to ________ worries about a hike in US interest rates and rising global trade war _______.
 states; flutter
 evolves; jiggles
 called; giggles
 renewed; jitters
 formed; fetters

Q9. The research brief also said the EXIM Bank’s Overseas Investment Finance programme _______ financial support measures to further Indian firms’ overseas _______, particularly those of outward-oriented small and medium enterprises.
 call; plans
 provides; working
 offers; investments
 demands; planning
 encourages; coordination

Q10. The gondhalis later became ballad singers too, ________ the patriotic _________ of the Marathas against the Muslim forces.
 arising; ardent
 rousing; fervor
 raised; rage
 arisen; valor
 raising; fear

Q11. The text gives instructions about the size of the area in which the _________ should take place, about ________ musical instruments and so on.
 performance; playing
 show; using
 exhibition; play
 fair; used
 display; making

Q12. Scientists used data from NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument to _________ three specific signatures that definitively ________ there is water ice at the surface of the Moon.
 diagnose; approve
 see; states
 analyze; proof
 know; proved
 identify; prove

Q13. Previous _________ indirectly found possible signs of surface ice at the lunar south pole, but these could have been explained by other________, such as unusually reflective lunar soil.
 survey; method
 observations; phenomena
 surveillance; way
 study; reason
 review; conditions

Q14. For Vasudevan, rituals are _________ to memories, they offer clues to identity. Her simplest and most important rituals bookend the day. She wakes at six for tea while everyone else in the house sleeps. And every night she puts her daughter, Ambaalika, to bed with an _________ story about a princess and her magical friends.
 kith & kin; created
 relatives; self-centered
 friends; concocted
 companions; improvised
 witnesses; improved

Q15. When the small manufacturing business that I ran _________ and it happened twice in quick succession, I was _________ and overwhelmed.
 shunned; shattered
 collapsed; distraught
 shuttled; saddened
 wind up; distract
 bankrupted; cried



5 Banking and SSC : English Language Quiz for IBPS PO Prelims Exam: 2018 Directions (1-15):In each of the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentences, there are five options and the blanks...

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